Thursday, November 30, 2017


I think it's time to setup official page of the mod. After talking with some of the mod fans on official discord I decided the setup a blog.

Vision of the blog.

I will try to post development progress updates every day I do something for the mod, so you will be up to date with the development. You can also expect from-time to time streams on my twitch channel and I will definitely summarize them on the blog post too.

Short info about the project.

So project started on sunday 26.11.2017. The plan for release is to have cooperative style P2P multiplayer with full world synchronized - that means each element of the game will be synchronized and both players will see the same world. I'm designing the net code to be eventually expand to support more players in future but as for now the focus is 2 players online.

If you want to chat with the team members and other project fans join official project discord: discord. You can also hit follow button on my twitch channel where I stream development of te mod, subscribe to my youtube channel where I post videos from the development and of course hit Like on project's facebook fanpage.

Any question?

If you have any question first of all make sure you read FAQ:

If it's not answering your question you can contact me both in comments and on official project's discord.

Project leader, Programmer