Thursday, December 7, 2017

Progress update #5 - Just another progress update (Day 11)

Hello guys! Day #11 of development is beind me. I cleanup a lot of code and did... a little experiment. Check video for more ๐Ÿ˜

And a little changelog.

Day #9

Corrected mod name in steam not running error message.
Allocate zero-sized array in default constructor of network message.

Day #10 and Day #11

Added multiplayer mod ui canvas.
Added logger class.
Added message box to uicanvas prefab.
Do not include referenced dlls into the installer. Game has it's own copy of them.
Correctly implement door OnOpen/OnClose PlayMaker actions.
Added vehicle ids to vehicle full sync update.
Added player initial state to handshake message.
Added safe call wrapper that handles all exception in the executed lambdas.
Utils documentation and cleanup.
Added MPGUI.
Play maker utils cleanup and docs.
Added current value getters to interpolators.
Fixed current value of interpolators after setting target.
Show message box on disconnect and on lobby setup failure.
Added fatal error and assert handler to Client.
Moved asset bundle handling to Client class.
Added basic vehicles synchronization.
Correctly handle level transitions.
Setup gui controller game object on mod startup.
Corrected hint paths for my summer car reference dlls.
Added workspace setup readme file and updated setup.bat.
Added cloc.bat.

Day #12

Secret stuff I show in video.

Stay tuned for more!