Sunday, December 3, 2017

Progress update #2 - Day #6 and Day #7 progress update.


So progress update from day 6 and 7. I was mostly working on my game however I managed to do something for MSCMP too. That is.

Day #6

Print all animation states from animation component during the object dump.
I've added printing of all anim states for each animation component in world so I can see what animations are there for multiplayer use.

Added data folder where asset bundle for multiplayer will be located.
Just creation of the data folder on repository.

Disable airbrk when dev mode is disabled.
Exactly what commit message says, nothing more 😃.

Added game animation database.
Setup game animation database class that stores AnimationClip's that can be reused by multiplayer mod.

Added custom asset bundle loading.
Asset bundle will allow me to add custom assets like custom models and animations for multiplayer use.

MPController is now singleton.
MPController is the component I'm attaching to the controller game object - i want to have access to it from different places in code so I made it singleton.

Added Unity multiplayer mod asset bundle project.
Added Unity 5.0 (version MSC is using) project and setup it to generate multiplayer asset bundle.

Day #7

Added installer.
Added simple installer using InnoSetup - sending new builds for testers was starting to be pain in the ass with all the data and other stuff so I needed to setup it now.

Adjust speed of the walking anim according to the actual speed of player.
Walking animation speed is now connected to the walking speed of player for much nicer visual effect.

Use steam api to retreive my summer car path.
Instead of asking tester to place path.txt I've used steam api in launcher so it automatically checks if game is installed and if so gets the path to the game.

Non commited changes.
Also I was doing some stuff that did not yet end up on the repository as it is not finished. What is it?

I added support for arrays to my "protobuf like" network messaging framework. Thanks to this I can send state of more objects into one message. So full world sync when joining the session is already implemented - at least sending state of the doors.

I made game doors manager and made it register all game objects that are doors, thanks to this all doors will be synchronized  ✨auto magically✨. Also I broke door opening code and I will take a look why it stopped working right after I publish this blog post.

Thanks for reading!


  1. when is this going to be released

  2. Cześć, czy będzie dało się połączyć innym sposobem niż tylko zapraszanie Steam? Chodzi mi o grę przez LAN np. Hamachi/Tuungle czy serwer dedykowany. Pozdrawiam i życzę dalszych sukcesów w tworzeniu tej modyfikacji :)