Thursday, December 14, 2017

Progress update #7 - Pickupables are f*cking hard to get right. (Day 18)


Another progress update time! So after long hours pulling my hairs i'm somewhere half-way through the complete pickupables synchronization. I made this database of pickupables I mentioned in previous post. This is end of the fight, but definitely not end of the war I'm having with them. There are still a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed for example spawning of new pickupables does not work yet (for example items buying).

Commits since previous progress update:
  • Use interaction vector instead of player position to find doors to open.
  • Added object create/destroy play maker action hooks and callbacks.
  • Kill game process immediately after fatal error or assert.
  • Make dumping of the object to file a separate method in DevTools.
  • Use OnWorldWasLoaded instead of manually handling level change.
  • Moved game anim database from MPController to GameWorld.
  • Added pickupable spawn and destroy network messages.
  • Indent each component during transform tree dump so it can be collapsed in text editors.
  • Added basic nametags.

I needed to do something that I will finish fast and I will see the result to rest a little bit. Those will be toggleable and will definitely be improved with connection condition indicator.

  • Added rotation getter to network player class.
  • After picking up object snap it to player location for nicer transition.
  • Binding network message handlers is now possible from outside of network manager.
  • Added pickupables database.
  • Spawn network player after loading full world state.
  • Added missing using.
  • Air break uses key press instead of key down events to move character.
  • Added an method to teleport local player.
  • Teleport local player to network player when pressing F8. (debug only)

Now the plan is to fix all the bugs and move back on vehicle sync and polish it.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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