Monday, February 12, 2018

New pre-alpha build 0.2 is out!


New pre-alpha build is out. First of all we changed versioning. The version format is:

major . minor . build_number . revision

Each new public release will increment minor version by 1. In case we will release some hotfix the build_number and revision will change. Current version is: 0.2.6617.37417. The major version will change when we will reach stable release.

Most of the features in this build were made by two of the mod contributors Curtis and kuba45209 thanks a lot guys!

Changelog since 0.1 version:
  • Added synchronization of beer cases - when you drink beer your friend will see it disappear from the beercase. (Curtis)
  • Added synchronization of the light switches in players house. (Curtis)
  • Added synchronization of the weather. (kuba45209)
  • Added synchronization of the mailbox name. (kuba45209)
  • Doors are now identified by world position when opening instead of interaction ray. This one should prevent 'unable to find doors' error. (Curtis)
  • Fixed crash when entering game while another player is being in vehicle. (RootKiller)
You can download mod here.

Github tag here.

Have fun testing!