Sunday, April 15, 2018

Progress update #9 - Is the project dead?


People were asking us on the official mod discord about what happens to the mod, is it dead? No it's not, do not worry! Project made some progress over the last 2 months since release of the 0.2 version unfortunately there is not much time the current team of contributors can commit to the project due to various reasons.

Below you can see list of the changes that each contributor did since 0.2 release. (With videos and pictures! 😃)


I was working on 64bit support for the launcher and loader - the code can be found in 64bit support branch. Unfortunately it is not working, there is some crash that happens when mono invokes any native call in MSCMP.dll. I was trying to debug the problem, few day however without any visible success so I decided not to waste any more time as the MSC official branch is not yet 64bit only and it's not that big priority. Instead in master branch that will be used for next release there is added better handling of running the mscmp with 64-bit version that describes user what's the problem instead of showing him 'failed to inject dll' error.

I also did is cleanup of network messages and general network code in the whole codebase, it's more quality of development and as for now it does not bring any bigger improvements however in future it may allow much easier increase of the player count limit.

Plus some smaller tweaks and fixes to the bugs with code.


Curtis was working hard in his branch on the vehicle synchronization improvements. Most of the vehicle features are synchronized as can be seen in the video below.

There are still problems that cause desync of the vehicle state that does not allow us to merge this feature into the release branch.

Dark Kostas

Dark Kostas was working in his branch on better representation of the player in world. Including model improvements and animations for most of the actions. Here you can see very early version of new animations.

Plus support for multiple player looks. We will allow you to use your custom textures on your player model so you can put your face into game!

Kullu and Eryk posing.

When next version will be released?

As we are all working in our free time on the mod we do not have any deadlines and release plan so unfortunately I cannot give you any estimation other than when it's ready. 😉

Thank you for reading and your patience.


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