Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New pre-alpha build 0.2.5 is out!


New pre-alpha build is out.

Changelog since 0.2 version:
  • Added crouching, running, leaning, walking, pushing and much more animations. (DarkKostas)
  • Added synchronization of speak messages. (DarkKostas)
  • Added new development console (~ key to activate) (Eryk)
  • Added message list window showing connection related messages (Eryk)
  • Added network statistics window (can be open from developer menu under F3) (Eryk)
  • Added message when player tries to run mod on default branch of the game. default_32bit is still required. (Eryk)
  • Added protocol versioning so players cannot join lobby of player using older client (joining to pre 0.2.5 clients is not recommended and may damage your save!) (Eryk)
  • Optimized the way game objects are collected so loading of the game should be now much faster (Eryk)
  • General improvements to the protocol and better error handling (Eryk)
  • Cleanup of the screen (Eryk)
You can download mod here.

Github tag here.

Report bugs here.

Have fun testing!