English FAQ

Release date?
When it's ready. However you can check download page and check pre-pre-pre-alpha builds over there.

When did development start?

Will mod support pirate copy of the game?
No. Mod requires original steam copy of the game to work.

How many players will the multiplayer mod supports?
Currently multiplayer supports up to 2 players in a single session. First of all the plan is to make CO:OP style multiplayer. However the code is written this way it will be possible to add support for more players later.

Will there be dedicated servers?
Currently no. The mod is using peer-to-peer networking. One player is a host that can invite his steam friends to the game. The host player save is being used.

What about custom images?
The plan is to add a download mechanism to the mp mod that will fetch custom images that the "host" has. So when you join the game of your friend's game before spawning in world, the game will download and load your friend's images.

Who is making this mod?
The mod is being made by me - Eryk, Curtis, and Dark Kostas with contribution from other people from the community.

Does mod require the Mod Loader?
No the mod uses a custom launcher just, like multiplayer mods for different games (like ETS 2 and GTA:SA). You just launch the game using the multiplayer mod shortcut on your desktop and it works.

Can I use mods with multiplayer?
Mods are not going to be blocked by the multiplayer mod, however proper synchronization of them is not planned for the first release so it may not work correctly.

If you are a mod creator that is adding some custom code to the game, I plan to release a multiplayer API so you will be able to properly synchronize your creation to work in the multiplayer environment.

What happens when one of the players die?
It depends if player is host or not. If host player dies the game session ends, if player that joined session dies he disconnects and has to connect again.

How is sleeping (any time-skipping activity) be solved?
Currently after any time-skipping activity time is being synchronized back again after it finishes.

This is something we may revisit at later date, currently there are two ideas one is to completely disable such activities or make them "minecraft-style" that means all players online will need to do the same time-skipping activity to skip the time.

What about money?
Each player has his own wallet. In future you may be able to transfer money between you and your friends. Also the money of players that joined your lobby will be stored next to your game save, currently it is not.

What about jail?
When one player is in jail the second can normally play.

Will the be two or more X? (Satsumas, Jonnezes etc)
There is no plan about that. If you spawn another vehicle in game the mod will ignore it and the spawned vehicle will not be synchronized.

What about bed sharing?
If one player is using bed another one can use it currently. It will be blocked later.

Will I be able to drive as passenger?
Yes there will be additional passenger seat in each vehicle.

What about game saving?
The only player that saves game is host. When you join the session your local save remains untouched.

Will time, weather, radio, npcs, fire, ..., ... be synchronized?
Yes, the idea is to synchronize everything that the game offers in the final version of the mod.

Can I show mod on my Twitch/Youtube/whatever channel?
Sure. Go ahead but please, write on the screen that this is not final, everything will change :-).